Save our ships! Sign & declare your loyalty to cruising on the MS Marco Polo & MS Astoria after the pandemic.

Save our ships! Sign & declare your loyalty to cruising on the MS Marco Polo & MS Astoria after the pandemic.

The MS Astoria and MS Marco Polo are at serious risk of being scrapped. These sturdy, classic liners are up for auction as Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV), have gone into administration.

Available at bargain prices, prospective owners need to know how loyal the cross-section of passengers on these ships are. Dedicated passengers book these historic liners time-and-time again rather than the floating-Vegas tower blocks that are modern cruise ships.

Hosting sold-out cruises from UK ports, CMV attracted passengers who would book specifically for these vessels, not once but multiple times each year.

Buying these liners is an opportunity not to be missed but those in the market need to know just how many steadfast customers are waiting to book.

Sign the petition as an indication of your support to book on these ships to whoever purchases them at unbeatable prices.

The current estimated auction sale price for each ship is in the £3 million to £6 million range. Both ships are ready for operation right now.

Declaration of interest: We desperately don't want these liners to disappear. We were looking forward to a future of a great many cruises on them.

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Murray Reed yesterday
love these ships
Roland Holden 18.10.2020 at 21:29
Love the Marco Polo we must save her happy memories.
Chris and Avril Bonner 18.10.2020 at 21:21
The two classic ships should be saved and when times allow put back in service .I know the Marco Polo is in good condition having been cared for and loved by her engineering crew and in particular her chief engineer Georgios Katsifarafis, who has worked on her tirelessly to maintain her classic engines and condition. She needs updating but should Christian Van Housing be able to purchase her I am sure he would have a good following.
S Hanson 18.10.2020 at 17:48
It's the Marco Polo - what else needs to be said...?!
Nicholas Felice 10.10.2020 at 15:11
The Astoria is a ship I have been hoping to cruise on and, before the pandemic, had hoped to visit this month for her last cruise. The Astoria is not just a cruise liner, not just the oldest cruise liner, but was also the ship involved in the 1950s sinking of the Andrea Dorea. The collision is a piece of history and to destroy the Astoria, formerly known as the Stockholm at the time of the wreck, is to bury one of our own floating pieces of history.
Frances Hakim 06.10.2020 at 18:55
Funchal went off to Liverpool to be a hotel last year (2019).
The fate of the CMV fleet is unknown?
Bids close for: Vasco Da Gama this Thursday 8th October, Columbus on Monday 12th October, Astor on Thursday 15th October, Magellan on Monday 19th October and Marco Polo on Thursday 22nd October. Astoria was due to retire this month and has an unknown future but maybe then she would be put up for sale separately if she hasn't been already.
The ship that was due to be the Amy Johnson has left the P&O Australia fleet early by 5 months and being put up for sale again in order to try and find another new home for her.
If Astoria, Marco Polo and Magellan could be saved, then Daddy and I would be very interested and happy to sail on or stay on them again in the future. Columbus we have stayed one night on and felt she was just about manageable but was starting to get a bit big to cope with, Astor we know of and have heard about but have never met and Vasco Da Gama we have never met and know even less about her.
Let us all hope, keep our fingers crossed and pray that there is enough interest to keep these fine veterans of the seas around for years to come whether they continue sailing or become hotels, or even museums because of their smaller size and their histories and don't just get sold for scrap.
Alex Naughton 30.09.2020 at 14:21
I think Marco Polo could be great along with Funchal to operate Vintage Liner Experiences so to make them unique and differentiated from the modern cruise industry. Astoria not so sure as less attractive. Could be ideal based out of Liverpool or other UK ports with a limited number of regular routes to keep operation manageable and contained. e.g. UK to Madeira & Canaries, UK to Norwegian Fjords, UK to Iceland, UK to Canada, Round Britain etc.

Perhaps a cooperative ownership model might work like John Lewis Partnership, A1 Steam Trust or Vintage Trains Tyseley. However issue will be purchase cost, lay up costs and lack of ability to operate cruises at present.
David Dolphin 29.09.2020 at 07:11
Classic ships, last of their kind.
Pia Lundgren 29.09.2020 at 03:46
I Will book a cruise on Astoria after pandemic! Ofcourse we have to save The oldest cruiseship still operating.
Norman Burslem 28.09.2020 at 19:51
Marco Polo is a unique ship and the last of her kind with a loyal following of cruisers who chose classic smaller ships over the large mega-resort ships that prevail today. Please SAVE HER OR LOSE HER forever!!
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