Save our ships! Sign & declare your loyalty to cruising on the MS Marco Polo & MS Astoria after the pandemic.

Save our ships! Sign & declare your loyalty to cruising on the MS Marco Polo & MS Astoria after the pandemic.

The MS Astoria and MS Marco Polo are at serious risk of being scrapped. These sturdy, classic liners are up for auction as Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV), have gone into administration.

Available at bargain prices, prospective owners need to know how loyal the cross-section of passengers on these ships are. Dedicated passengers book these historic liners time-and-time again rather than the floating-Vegas tower blocks that are modern cruise ships.

Hosting sold-out cruises from UK ports, CMV attracted passengers who would book specifically for these vessels, not once but multiple times each year.

Buying these liners is an opportunity not to be missed but those in the market need to know just how many steadfast customers are waiting to book.

Sign the petition as an indication of your support to book on these ships to whoever purchases them at unbeatable prices.

The current estimated auction sale price for each ship is in the £3 million to £6 million range. Both ships are ready for operation right now.

Declaration of interest: We desperately don't want these liners to disappear. We were looking forward to a future of a great many cruises on them.

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John Lugg 18.09.2020 at 02:01
Just waiting to book!!!
LYNLEY CALCUTT 18.09.2020 at 01:20
Love the smaller ships and CMV
Janet Belson 17.09.2020 at 14:07
Loved cruising on CMV ships always treated well and being smaller ships you get to meet so many different people. Staff always friendly and attentive.
Mats Andersson 17.09.2020 at 09:41
I hope Astoria will be saved.
Adrian T Swale-Jarman 16.09.2020 at 17:33
Such a shame if we lose these iconic vessels.
Peter Daniells 15.09.2020 at 13:00
Two classic, endearing and historical ships, an absolute joy to sail on, and I would love to again. These two elegant ladies need to be saved, they are well loved and the cruises were selling well.
Robert FERGUSON 15.09.2020 at 10:52
The Astor has to be my favourite, with the Astoria not far behind. Over 2 years spent on CMV ships so I am definitely suffering withdrawal symptoms !!
Good luck to the old CMV management team in putting together a new, but similar, cruise line.
Janette 14.09.2020 at 13:31
Love this shop. She’s worth saving.
Vivien Golding 14.09.2020 at 12:35
Marco Polo was by far my favourite ship. So sad that she is no longer sailing.
Sharon Moyet 14.09.2020 at 09:09
Love The Marco Polo
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